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Pill Bottle Shredder

Medi-Shred Pharmacy Shredder
Shreds Pill Bottles


Model # HP Bottle Chamber Paper Infeed Shred Size
Medi-Shred .75 5" W x 8" L x 3" D 10” 1/8" x 1-1/2"

The Medi-Shred Pill Bottle Shredder will shred pill bottles and pressure sensitive labels that contain patients personal information. Pharmacies and clinics also use it to shred syringes and empty blister packs. This pill bottle shredder was not designed to shred pills or medication, which will clog the cutters.

The Medi-Shred Pill Bottle Shredder has a ten second cycle time for pill bottles and will shred ten sheets of labels in five seconds. The bottle chamber can accept bottles up to 3″ in diameter x 8″ long. Ameri-Shred owns the patent on this pharmacy shredder, which was created to assist the medical industry in staying HIPAA compliant.

  • Plugs into a standard 110v outlet
  • Cross cut:  1/8″ W x 1-1/2″ L
  • Low noise: less than 65 decibels
  • Heavy duty casters, gear reducer and chain drive
  • Disposable collection bags:  12 gallon capacity
  • 24″ W x 51″ H x 27.5″ D
  • Weight: 550 lbs.

RX Shredder Bags:

  • 12 gallon capacity
  • $137.50 / box of 50

RX Shredder Oil:

  • 11 oz. aerosol cans
  • $108.00 / case of six

Pill Bottle Shredder Video

Pill Bottle Shredder Video