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Ameri-Shred Corp. offers a full range of medical waste shredders, custom designed and configured to your environment and application. Fully automated, integrated systems provide a seamless and safe, hands-free feeding and shredding process of medical waste. Conveyors can be added for handling hazardous medical waste from surgical gowns, gloves, and masks to pill bottles, syringes, glassware and more into the shredder, making waste ready for disposal. Shredders with hands-free feeding capabilities range from 3 HP to 200 HP.

Consistently shredding your medical waste to a custom particle size is a breeze for Ameri-Shred’s robust equipment, not to mention, shredding your medical waste helps reduce volume and cut transportation and disposal costs!

How can Ameri-Shred help with your medical waste destruction? Contact us to learn more!

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