2mm-SSD Hammer Mill Shredder
2mm-SSD Shredders Shreds


4mm-SSD Solid State Drive Shredders
30 SSDs Per Hour

4mm-SSD Solid State Drive Shredders will shred SSDs, memory cards, thumb drives, circuit boards, and other solid state drive devices to 4 mm particles. This dual stage destruction system utilizes a 2 HP pre-shredder with 3/8″ cutters that discharges into a 3 HP hammer mill.

4mm-SSD Solid State Drive Shredders shred up to thirty SSDs an hour and include a sound absorbing lining that results in an 85-decibel noise level on average. All batteries must be removed prior to shredding. 4mm-SSD shredders include a dual filtration HEPA cyclone dust collector and an infeed conveyor.

4mm-SSD Solid State Drive Shredders require 3-phase power and are available with additional screen sizes. 4mm-SSD shredders can be stationary or placed in trucks for mobile solid state drive shredding.



    “The 2mm-SSD solid state drive hammer mill combines two innovative technologies to disintegrate components and whole devices into a fine consistency of 2 mm. These technologies meet NSA standards as they destroy devices well beyond the ability to recover data. The 2mm-SSD hammer mill is a game changer for all types of data-centric, security-conscious companies.”