E-Scrap Shredders 60 HP

DS-60 | DS-80 | DS-100

60, 80, & 100 HP MODELS

E-Scrap & E-Waste Shredders DS-60, DS-80, & DS-100 are 60, 80, and 100 HP models that include auto-reversal. This improves online reliability by reorienting material, preventing overfeeding, and protecting against damage from foreign objects. Electronic waste shredders are designed for your specific application. Everything from the cutter profile to the system layout is carefully considered to ensure you obtain the shred size and throughput you require.

E-Scrap & E-Waste Shredders DS-60, DS-80, & DS-100 are available with a split cutting chamber that allows for two different shred widths within one shredder. The manner of infeed and output are also divided.

E-Scrap & E-Waste Shredders DS-60, DS-80, & DS-100 are high torque, low speed, industrial shredders that efficiently shred mice, computers, monitors, keyboards, printers, phones, and other assorted electronic waste. They result in less downtime, noise, and dust emission than high speed, low torque two-shaft shredders. 

E-Scrap & E-Waste Shredders DS-60, DS-80, & DS-100 are known for their low maintenance and lack of heat generation. They are ideal for applications that benefit from nominal particle size variation. Electronic waste shredders protect the bearings from contaminants through the use of false walls and seals. They include individual combers that reduce wrapping and material packing between the cutters.



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    Tami M., Safe Shred