AMS-300HD-SSD Shredder
Series 1 Hard Drive Shredder Fork Pockets


AMS-150HD | AMS-300HD

Series 1 hard drive shredders will shred most standard rotary hard drives up to 1″ thick, in addition to backup tapes, DVDs, cell phones, and assorted small e-scrap. For enterprise hard drives, we recommend the rails be removed first on the AMS-150HD. A five-inch-wide infeed slot is standard, but an eleven-inch-wide slot is available for an upcharge. This will allow you to shred tablets, which require you to remove the battery first.

Series 1 hard drive shredders consist of two models, a choice between two shred widths, multiple options, and different voltages, including 120v for the AMS-150HD. These slow speed, high torque shredders are manufactured in the U.S. and can be stationary or placed in trucks for mobile hard drive shredding.

Series 1 hard drive shredders should be fed one hard drive at a time, so let the chamber clear before feeding another. The spring-loaded infeed slot is five inches wide and two inches high. A discharge bin is standard, but a modular output conveyor can be added for an upcharge. We also offer conveyor prep so you can order an output conveyor separately at any time in the future. 

Series 1 hard drive shredders are available with a data capture system. It is comprised of a touchscreen display with an integral program that allows you to scan the serial number, capture a still image of it, and record an 8-second video of the drive being shred. The data capture system can be used in additional modes that allow you shred without it, scan only, scan and photograph, or run the full process.

Series 1 HDD-SSD combo shredders are available in the same horsepower models. Click on the bold print if you want to shred rotary hard drives and solid-state drives in one shredder. 



    “We are shredding 500-600 drives on a daily basis with almost no issues and minimal maintenance on an AMS-150HD hard drive shredder. In fact, we own more than one of their shredders, including their HD-SSD models, across the US & internationally.”

    “We purchased an AMS-300HD for a dedicated on-site shredding truck. We can also use it in our warehouse between jobs. I’m extremely pleased with the shredder as well as with Ameri-Shred. I looked to them for an industrial paper shredder as well.”

    “Legal Shred is proud to use an AMS-150HD. It is the most reliable shredder we have ever purchased, giving us the peace of mind we were looking for. We also own an AMS-300HD-SSD shredder which can shred hard disk drives as well as SSDs.”

    Sean F., Legal Shred