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Hard Drive Shredding Truck Series 1


Hard Drive Shredding Trucks Series 1
Customer Provided Truck

Series 1 hard drive shredding trucks come with a choice of shredder models and options. Series 1 hard drive shredders are available in 1.5 or 3 HP models, along with a choice of two shred widths for rotary hard drives. Solid state drives are shred to 3/8″ wide particles.

Series 1 hard drive shredding trucks consist of a series 1 hard drive shredder and 3-phase diesel generator installed in a customer provided box truck. Series 1 hard drive shredders include rotary hard drive shredders, solid state drive shredders, and dual-chamber HD-SSD shredders that will shred both types of hard drives.

Series 1 hard drive shredding trucks include shredders that come with discharge bins but a modular output conveyor can be added for an upcharge. We also offer conveyor prep so you can order an output conveyor separately at any time in the future.

Series 1 hard drive shredding trucks require six to eight weeks for manufacturing & preparation, prior to installation. We will take your driver to his hotel and pick him up when the hard drive shredding truck is ready.



    “We purchased an AMS-300HD specifically to use for a dedicated on-site shredding truck. The beauty of the AMS-300HD is that we can remove it from the truck and use it in our warehouse between jobs. I’m extremely pleased with the shredder and it has allowed us to shred almost 40,000 hard drives in the last 3 years.”