Series 1 Pill Bottle Shredders
Series 1 Pill Bottle Shredder Output Conveyors


AMS-500-PBS | AMS-750-PBS | AMS-1000-PBS

Series 1 pill bottle shredders include a hopper to contain the pill bottles, that sits on top of the infeed conveyor. The hopper holds 20-25 medium-sized pill bottles and should not be overloaded for optimum throughput. Keeping the hopper half full allows the bottles to move more freely onto the infeed conveyor, which has a urethane belt to protect it from being punctured by the shredded plastic.

Series 1 pill bottle shredders are available in 5 to 10 horsepower models. They look identical but each successive model has more power, a larger drive train, and greater shredding capacity. All components, including the shafts, cutters, and bearings, are sized for the largest horsepower in the series. Our pill bottle shredders are manufactured from solid steel and have individual precision-ground cutters.

Series 1 pill bottle shredders include cross cut cutters that are manufactured from a high-grade alloy known for its durability and ability to hold a cutting edge. Each pill bottle shredder model has a paddle wheel crusher in front of the cutters and low voltage, key locked controls. The electrical components are housed in a dust-proof enclosure and a current sensing relay automatically stops the shredder in the event of a jam.



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