Paper Metering System Below Ground

IN-GROUND PMS-3 | $34,000

– New paint, new metering wheel drive, new bearings, and inspected chain

Paper metering systems maximize production while reducing labor costs by automatically feeding the shredder at a constant and consistent rate. They ensure the paper flow never exceeds a predetermined, adjustable, thickness which reduces jamming and ensures the output conveyor is continually full of shredded paper. Paper metering systems dramatically reduce operator involvement thereby freeing them up to perform other tasks.

Paper metering systems are utilized with Series 3, 4, or 5 industrial paper shredders. A metal detector can be added to the shredder to quickly shut it down before the destructive metal reaches the cutters, causing jamming and/or cutter breakage. This avoids costly repairs and valuable downtime while allowing this hands-off system to maximize shredding efficiency.