Box Dumpers

  • AMS T3-Box Dumper with Safety Cage
  • AMS-T3 Hydraulic Box Dumper

Box Dumpers

2000 Lb. Lifting Capacity


Model #HPLifting Capacity (Lbs.)Usable Containers
AMS-T322000Gaylord Boxes

AMS-T3 box dumpers will lift and empty Gaylord boxes to increase efficiency & reduce operator fatigue. Our hydraulic box dumpers have bearings at all pivot points, including severe-duty points, and composite sleeve bearings at the main pivot point. They were engineered to allow easy access to the hydraulic and electrical components.

  • Discharge height: 48″ or 60″
  • Lift time: 30 – 33 seconds
  • Gravity down: 45 seconds
  • Voltage: requires 3-phase power
  • Controls: specify left or right side
  • Must be lagged to the floor
  • Ceiling clearance: 130″ or 150″
  • Safety cage additional
  • Steel retaining bar
  • Weight: 2200 lbs.

Cart Tippers and Box Dumpers Video