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E-Scrap & E-Waste Shredders

DS-45 | DS-55
45 & 55 HP Models

E-Scrap & E-Waste Shredders

Model #HorsepowerCutting Chamber
DS-454522.25" W x 26.5" L
DS-555522.25" W x 26.5" L

E-Scrap and E-Waste Shredders are high torque, low speed, dual shaft shredders in a choice of 45 or 55 HP models. They produce shredded pieces that are the width of the cutters times a variable length. All of our e-scrap shredders include double hooked cutters, self cleaning combers, a direct drive and auto reverse. They will shred hard drives, backup tapes, keyboards, cell phones and other assorted e-scrap.

E-Scrap & E-Waste Shredders utilize a right angle drive, which results in a compact design that requires minimal floor space. Bearing protection prevents shredded contaminants from reaching the bearings through the use of false walls and seals. The size of the hopper and motors, along with the cutter profile, will depend on what is being shred as well as the required particle size and throughput. All of our e-scrap and e-waste shredders are designed for your specific application.

E-Scrap & E-Waste Shredders
 Drive: Electric
 Number of Motors: Two
     DS-45: 25 & 20 HP Motors
     DS-55: 30 & 25 HP Motors
 Voltage: 208/230/460 – 3 Phase
 Cutter Thickness: (Nominal) 5/8”, 3/4”, 1”, 1.5”, 2”
 Cutter Material: 4140 HT, AR500
 Cutter Diameter: 10 3/8”
 Hex Shaft Size: 4 5/8”
 Cutting Chamber: 22.25” W x 26.5” L
 Hopper Opening: Application Driven
 Vibratory Feeder: Additional
 Weight: 4300 Lbs.

55 HP Pierce and Tear Shredder Video

E Scrap & E Waste Shredding Video