Hard Drive Shredders: Series 2

  • Series 2 Hard Drive Shredder Controls
  • Series 2 Hard Drive Shredder Conveyor
  • AMS-1000HD Hard Drive Shredder
  • Series 2 Hard Drive Shredder Air Filtration System
  • Hard Drive Shredding Truck Extended Infeed
  • AMS 1000HD-SSD Shredder with Stand

Hard Drive Shredders: Series 2

AMS-1000HD | 750HD | 500HD
450 - 2000 Drives Per Hour


Model #HPShred WidthStandard Drives / HourServer Drives / Hour
Stand Model Requires 10 HP Shredder

Series 2 hard drive shredders will shred most standard rotary hard drives up to 1″ thick, as well as backup tapes, cell phones, DVDs and assorted e-scrap. These slow speed, high torque shredders are made from solid steel and require three phase power. Optional inclusions on our hard drive shredders include an air filtration system, fork pockets, hard drive counter, and viewing window.

Series 2 hard drive shredders consist of three models and a choice of three shred widths, except for the AMS-500HD, which is only available with 1.5″ wide cutters. An output conveyor is a standard inclusion but it can be substituted for an infeed conveyor on our 10 HP stand model, which has a drop-down discharge. All of our hard drive shredders are manufactured in the U.S. and can be stationary or placed in trucks for mobile hard drive shredding.

Series 2 hard drive shredders are also available with a dual cutting chamber that allows you to shred rotary hard drives on one side and solid state drives on the other. These Series 2 HD-SSD shredders are available in the same horsepower models and options.

Series 2 Hard Drive Shredders
 Motor: 5, 7.5 or 10 Horsepower
 Infeed Chute: 11″ W x 2.5″ H
 Shred Width: 1.5″, 1″ or 3/4″ W
 Voltage & Amp Chart: 208/230/460V-3 Phase
 Output Conveyor: 53″ H Included
 Powder Coating: Included
 Air Filtration System: Additional
 Fork Pockets: Additional
 Backlit Logo: Additional
 Hard Drive Counter: Additional
 Lighted Viewing Window: Additional
 Warranty: One Year
 Frame Model Dimensions: 79″ L x 60″ W x 66″ H
 Stand Model Dimensions: 72″ L x 48″ W x 84″ H
 Weight: 2500 – 3100 Lbs.

We own two hard drive shredders and have had a great experience with their durable equipment.

Joe J. – Owner,  A1 DataShred


We plugged in the shredder and have run it 8 hours a day ever since. The machine is working flawlessly.

Joe N. – VP of Ops, CNE Direct

AMS-1000HD Series 2 Hard Drive Shredder Video

AMS-750HD Series 2 Hard Drive Shredder Video

AMS-500HD Series 2 Hard Drive Shredder Video