Hard Drive Shredding Van

  • Hard Drive Shredding Van Interior
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  • Hard Drive Shredding Van Electrical Panel
  • Hard Drive Shredding Van Generator Interior
  • Hard Drive Shredding Van Generator
  • Hard Drive Shredding Van Shredder

Hard Drive Shredding Van: Series 1

$34,000 - $40,000
Customer Provided Cargo Van

Hard Drive Shredder Models

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Hard Drive Shredding Van includes many of the benefits of a hard drive shredding truck but is more fuel efficient and easier to maneuver in tight spaces. It is a good option for areas that are rural, congested or residential.

A Hard Drive Shredding Van includes a Series 1 hard drive shredder of your choice but we recommend an HD-SSD model so that you are prepared for the increased use of solid-state drives. The shredder is powered by a 15,000 watt, three-phase gas generator whose enclosure includes sound dampening, heat reflective insulation.

A Hard Drive Shredding Van requires a full-sized cargo van with a high roof and an extended wheelbase. The front axle capacity must be at least 4,600 pounds while the rear requires a minimum of 5,250 pounds. We install the equipment in a customer provided van and need two to three weeks for installation.

    • Customer provided cargo van
    • Series 1 hard drive shredder
    • Electrical panel & outlets
    • Three-phase gas generator
    • Lighting and ventilation
    • One year warranty on parts
    • Six week lead time
  • 2-3 week installation is additional
  • Shredder weight: 1,500 lbs.
  • Generator weight: 350 lbs.

AMS-300HD-SSD Series 1 Hard Drive Shredder Video

Hard Drive Shredder – Orlando Recycling Video

AMS-300HD Series 1 Hard Drive Shredder Video