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  • AMS-300HD-SSD Sprinter Van
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  • AMS-300HD-SSD Sprinter Vans

Hard Drive Shredding Van: Series 1

$38,000 - $48,000
Customer Provided Cargo Van

Hard Drive Shredder Models

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Hard Drive Shredding Vans have many of the benefits of hard drive shredding trucks but are more fuel-efficient and easier to maneuver in tight spaces. They are a good option for areas that are rural, congested or residential.

Hard Drive Shredding Vans include a 3-phase diesel generator whose enclosure has sound-dampening as well as heat reflective insulation. We require eight to ten weeks for manufacturing plus four to six weeks for installation.

Hard Drive Shredding Vans are ordered with a Series 1 hard drive shredder of your choice. Series 1 hard drive shredders are comprised of rotary hard drive shredders, solid state drive shredders, and dual-chamber HD-SSD shredders that will shred both types of hard drives.

Hard Drive Shredding Vans require a full-size sprinter van with an auxiliary fuel port, high ceiling, and extended wheelbase. The front axle capacity must be at least 4,600 pounds while the rear requires a minimum of 5,250 pounds.

    • Customer provided cargo van
    • Series 1 hard drive shredder
    • Electrical panel & outlets
    • Three-phase generator
    • Lighting and ventilation
    • One year warranty on parts
    • 12 – 16 week lead time
    • Shredder weight: 1,500 lbs.
    • Generator weight: 350 lbs.

Ameri Shred custom designed our hard drive shredding van. It was their first build on the Mercedes Sprinter 4500 platform and we had strict requirements, but they knocked it out of the park. We put the van to work the moment it was done and it hasn’t disappointed.

Ed M. – Security & Compliance Officer,  Back Thru The Future

AMS-300HD-SSD Series 1 Hard Drive Shredder Video

Hard Drive Shredder – Orlando Recycling Video

AMS-300HD Series 1 Hard Drive Shredder Video