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Mobile Shredding Truck: Trailer

$70,000 - $80,000
Paper Shredding Trailer


Model #HPShred WidthLbs. / Hr.
AMS-50055/16" Strip Cut600-800
AMS-500cc51/4" x 1-7/8" Cross Cut400-650

A Mobile Shredding Trailer is an economical solution for mobile document destruction. It has a smaller footprint than a full size shredding truck, which makes it easier to maneuver, and it uses less fuel. It has a side ramp and includes a conveyor fed, industrial paper shredder, in either a strip cut or a cross cut.

The Mobile Shredding Trailer’s generator is mounted on the tongue of the trailer and housed in an aluminum enclosure. The trailer includes a cart tipper, which tips 64 and 95 gallon carts onto a sorting/feed table next to the shredder. The shredding trailer also has an auger compactor to force the material into the rear of the trailer where it is pushed onto a dump bed that is hydraulically operated.

  • 16′ L x 7′ W enclosed trailer
  • Requires a 3/4 ton or larger pickup truck
  • AMS-500 Industrial paper shredder
  • Double rear doors
  • Manual roof vent
  • Auger compactor
  • 10 kw commercial grade generator
  • Choice of shred widths
  • 2000 lb. bed capacity
  • Built in cart tipper lifts American & European carts
  • Fast, efficient unloading
  • One year warranty on parts
Mobile Shredding Trailer
 Overall Length 17′ 10″
 Overall Width 8′ 6″
 Overall Height 8′ 6″
 Interior Length 14′ 7″
 Interior Width 6′ 8″
 Interior Height 6′ 9″
 G.V.W.R 7,000 Lbs.
 Payload Capacity 4,860 Lbs.
 Axles (Tandem) 3,500 Lbs.

Industrial Paper Shredders: Series 1 Video