Paper Sorting & Metering Systems

  • Paper Metering System Below Ground
  • Paper Metering System
  • Paper Metering System Steel Belt
  • PMS-2 Paper Metering Systems
  • Industrial Paper Shredding System1
  • AMS-150000 Industrial Shredding System

Paper Sorting & Metering Systems

Paper Sorting System | Above Ground Paper Metering Systems | In-Ground Paper Metering Systems


Recycling EquipmentFeatures
Paper Sorting SystemFrom freestanding conveyors to automatically metered systems
Paper Metering Systems: Above GroundBest if you do not own your building or have space constraints
Paper Metering Systems:
Best if you own your building and have a high volume facility

Ameri-Shred’s Sorting Systems are custom designed to meet your specific application and requirements. Basic sorting systems may include free standing conveyors while higher volume systems may include metering systems and/or mezzanines.

Recycled paper sold to paper brokers or paper mills has a dollar value. Removal of contaminants from the paper flow can increase the paper’s value by up to sixty percent.

A paper metering system maximizes production while reducing labor costs by automatically feeding the shredder at a constant and consistent rate. Above and below ground paper metering systems are available.

Paper Sorting System Video

Paper Metering System: Above Ground Video

Paper Metering System: In-Ground Video

Paper Shredder’s Metal Detector Video