Ameri-Shred 200 HP Dual Shaft Medical Waste Shredding System

Safe, Hands-Free Destruction of Medical Waste

Ameri-Shred Corp. manufactures medical waste shredders from 3/4 HP pill bottle shredders all the way up to 400 HP models. Ameri-Shred can provide a shredder or system to handle your medical waste efficiently, thereby allowing you to reduce volume, separate for recycling, protect PPI, and positively impact your bottom line.

Ameri-Shred’s Medical Waste Shredders offer a range of hopper sizes and cutter profiles to ensure you obtain the shred size and throughput you require. These dual shaft shredders are low speed, high torque industrial shredders that can efficiently shred surgical gowns, disposable gloves, face shields, and goggles as well as sharps, syringes, tubing, plastic sheets, glassware and more. Available with a ram to assist with hopper feeding, they can also be equipped with integrated infeed and output conveyors to create a dump & run system that limits employee contact.

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Ameri-Shred 200 HP Dual Shaft Medical Waste Shredding System

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