Series 3 Shredder Paddle Wheel Crusher
Series 3 Industrial Paper Shredder


AMS-2000 | AMS-2500 | AMS-3000 | AMS-4000

Series 3 industrial strip cut paper shredders include a 72″ long infeed conveyor and can shred up to three tons of paper per hour. Their rugged, all steel construction includes individual precision-ground cutters and heat treated spur gears, which run in an oil bath. Bronze wear pads keep the cutters from riding into the side plates and can be adjusted to maintain tolerances and maximize throughput.

Series 3 industrial strip cut paper shredders are available in 20 to 40 horsepower models. They look identical but each successive model has more power, a larger drive train, and greater shredding capacity. All components, including the shafts, cutters, and bearings, are sized for the largest horsepower in the series. 

Series 3 industrial strip cut paper shredders have a paddle wheel crusher in front of the cutters and low voltage, key locked controls. The electrical components are housed in a dust-proof enclosure and a current sensing relay automatically stops the shredder in the event of a jam. An attached output conveyor is additional, and available in standard and non-standard discharge heights.

Series 3 industrial cross cut paper shredders are also available in the same horsepower models.



    “We use our shredder every day and haven’t lost any days due to a breakdown. We’ll not have to look for another company when it is time to move up to a bigger shredder.”

    Kevin K., Shred X LTD

    “We use the AMS-1000 for on-site document destruction & the AMS-4000 for off-site shredding. Both are reliable, tough, and easy to work on.”