Project Description

AMS-T1 Cart Tipper
T-1A Cart Tipper
T-1E Cart Tipper Front


350 LB. Lifting Capacity

Rolling Cart tippers are designed with a 42” high discharge height, casters, and a 350 lb. lifting capacity. These functional cart tippers can be used with many different types of equipment and reduce operator fatigue while increasing efficiency. The dump height on our standard cart tippers matches the infeed height of our Series 1 and Series 2 industrial paper shredders, but custom dump heights are also available. 

AMS-T1 cart tippers lift and empty 64 and 95-gallon domestic carts into a container, such as a Gaylord box.

AMS-T1A cart tippers lift 64 and 95-gallon domestic carts & empty them onto its built-in shelf, allowing for the easy feeding of a conveyor-fed industrial shredder.

AMS-T1E cart tippers lift and empty 64 and 95-gallon domestic and European carts onto the feed table of a shredder, sorting conveyor, or into a Gaylord box. A bolt-on shelf is also available for an upcharge.

Horsepower 1.5
Discharge Height 42″
Cord & Plug 10′ L
Warranty One Year
Weight 500 – 650 lbs.
Lift Time Operator Controlled
Descent Time Operator Controlled
Voltages  1 or 3 Phase, Including 120v
Bolt-On Shelf
Gated Safety Cages
Custom Discharge Heights
Controls: Specify Left or Right Side
Double Cart Tippers Available on All Models
Double Cart Tippers Lift Each Cart Separately
AMS-T1 Brochure
AMS-T1A Brochure
AMS-T1E Brochure



    “Steve exceeded my expectations. He was very thorough, professional, and clearly interested in what I needed. He spent a lot of time answering my questions and hunting down information. Ameri-Shred was referred to me by many PROShred franchisees and they don’t disappoint.”