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Heavy-duty output conveyors carry the shredded material away from the shredder into a baler, compactor, dumpster, or container. Available in belt widths from 16” to 72” wide and various lengths, these output conveyors have extra high side frames and are available in attached or freestanding models. Additional options, when feeding a baler, include baler hoods, photo eyes, and top covers.

Heavy-duty output conveyors are an essential part of any shredding system or material handling process. We can help design the layout for optimum efficiency and integrate our conveyors with your existing recycling equipment. Conveyors can be used for sorting, transferring, or discharging material.   

AMS-Bypass conveyors were designed to unload mobile shredding trucks by transferring the shredded documents from the truck directly to a baler. This eliminates the need to run previously shredded material through a secondary shredder unless desired.