Shredder Dust Collectors DC-1100
Shredder Dust Collectors DC-2100


DC-1100 | DC-2100

Shredder dust collectors are manufactured with rugged, all-steel construction and are available in two models. The DC-1100 was designed to integrate with our Series 1 and Series 2 industrial paper shredders while the DC-2100 is compatible with our Series 3 shredders. Both models can also be utilized with any comparably sized industrial paper shredder, regardless of the manufacturer.

Shredder dust collectors include a flanged outlet, positioned above the cutters, and ductwork that connects the industrial paper shredder with the dust collector. A fan pulls the air inside the dust collector’s chamber, and against the HEPA filter, before discharging the filtered air back into the environment.

Shredder dust collectors require compressed air, and the supply line hooks up to the bottom of the air manifold using a quick-connect coupler. The air manifold is built to operate with 90 PSI or less and has a manual purge button valve positioned above. Turn off the shredder and purge the filter as needed, while the fan is running. The collection tray should be emptied daily or weekly, depending on usage.


“The equipment performs as advertised and is very reliable. Easy to use, bulletproof construction. I’ve worked with Ameri-Shred for many years and own multiple shredders, including their 100 HP industrial paper shredder.”

“Steve exceeded my expectations. He was very thorough, professional, and clearly interested in what I needed. Ameri-Shred was referred to me by many PROShred franchisees and they don’t disappoint.”