Hopper Fed Pre-Shredder Series 2 Double Cut
Series 4 Double Cut System


Double cut shredding systems utilize two shredders so that each document is shredded twice. Documents are fed into the first shredder which discharges into the infeed of the second shredder. Both shredders can be used together, or independently of each other, for maximum flexibility.

Double cut shredding systems are structured so that the primary paper shredder optimizes throughput while the secondary paper shredder provides the security of a smaller cut. Together they provide you with the higher throughput associated with strip-cut shredders as well as the smaller particle size attributed to cross-cut shredders.

Double cut shredding systems can include two conveyor fed shredders, a conveyor fed shredder with a dual shaft shredder, or two dual shaft shredders. Double cut shredding systems offer customers that are using strip-cut shredders the option of a second cut in order to produce a smaller particle size. 



    “We have been an Ameri-Shred customer for decades and have 100+ HP shredding systems in each of our three facilities. They are our shredder manufacturer of choice because their equipment is reliable.”

    “Our shredders have quadrupled our output. Its been a pleasure dealing with Ameri-Shred all these years, and we are very grateful for a superior product that is backed by a superior company.”

    Tami M., Safe Shred