Vertical Baler Cart Tippers
AMS-T1V Vertical Baler Cart Tipper


350 LB. Lifting Capacity

AMS-T1V vertical baler cart tippers are perfect for bulk and waste handling applications that empty 1 cubic yard AKRO #77510 plastic tilt trucks into vertical balers. These versatile cart tippers reduce operator fatigue while increasing efficiency.

AMS-T1V vertical baler cart tippers are built in the U.S. and manufactured with quality components. These 1.5 horsepower cart tippers have a 56″ high discharge height in order to clear the feed opening on a vertical baler. They are available in 120-volt power or any 3-phase voltage.

AMS-T1V vertical baler cart tippers include a 10′ cord, heavy-duty casters, and brackets you attach to the baler door. Cart tippers also have a high arc, which requires a high ceiling. 

AMS-T1V vertical baler cart tippers have a 350 lb. lifting capacity and can be manufactured with the controls on the left or on the right. Known for our all-steel construction, we provide industrial equipment that will hold up under daily use.



    “Ameri-Shred manufactures good, reliable equipment and provides great support and technical service. Their products stand the test of time and add functionality to any recycling or waste handling application. There’s rarely a problem, but if there is, Mike takes care of it.”

    Gary M., Industro Tech