Ameri-Shred Corp. Shredders for Increased Security & Confidence

Having confidence in the physical destruction of hard drives, E-Scrap and other E-Waste is an effective and desirable solution for managing sensitive data on a range of devices. Ameri Shred Corp. offers a full lineup of Hard Drive and Electronic Waste shredders to protect the most sensitive information.  With one of the industry’s largest selection of Hard Drive and E-Waste Shredders, we have a machine to suit your needs.  Models are available with high torque, low speed cutter designs that efficiently shred everything from computers and hard drives to peripherals and other storage devices so you can dispose of your e-scrap and e-waste materials with confidence.

Ameri-Shred designs, manufactures, installs, and services industrial shredders and shredding systems worldwide along with a full lineup of auxiliary recycling equipment that includes conveyors, cart tippers, box dumpers, dust collectors, metering systems, and balers. Our advanced shredders and equipment are known for superior durability and advanced engineering.  Ameri-Shred has a solid reputation based on providing innovative solutions and exceptional customer service for over forty years.

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