AMS-1000HD-SSD Shredder with Stand Truck
Hard Drive Shredding Truck Series 2


Hard Drive Shredding Trucks Series 2
Customer Provided Truck

Series 2 hard drive shredding trucks consist of a series 2 hard drive shredder and 3-phase diesel generator installed in a customer provided box truck. Series 2 hard drive shredders include rotary hard drive shredders, solid state drive shredders, and dual-chamber HD-SSD shredders that will shred both types of hard drives. 

Series 2 hard drive shredding trucks come with a choice of shredder models and options. Series 2 hard drive shredders are available in 5, 7.5 or 10 HP models, along with a choice of three shred widths for rotary hard drives. Solid state drives are shred to 3/8″ wide particles.

Series 2 hard drive shredding trucks can be ordered with a frame model shredder or a stand model shredder on our 10 HP shredders. Some prefer the stand model because it has an infeed conveyor and a drop-down discharge. Others prefer the frame model, which has an infeed chute and an output conveyor.

Series 2 hard drive shredding trucks require eight to ten weeks for manufacturing & preparation, prior to installation. We will take your driver to his hotel and pick him up when the hard drive shredding truck is ready. 

Electrical Panel
Overhead Lights
Generator Cover
Fire Extinguisher
Electrical Outlets
Operations Training
Louvered Ventilation
Generator Fuel Lines
1-3/4 Day Installation Time
Customer Provided Box Truck



    “I can’t say enough about our AMS-1000HD-SSD shredder and the folks at Ameri-Shred. It takes us longer to scan the drives than it does to shred them. The hard drive shredding truck was the best investment I ever made. It can haul up to 8 pallets, which we need for large jobs.”

    “Our AMS-1000HD-SSD-STAND hard drive shredding truck sets us apart from everyone else. Ameri-Shred built a killer machine that chews through drives with ease. We travel far because of the high demand for on-site shredding and can handle jobs of any size.”

    Kenny K., RET3 Job Corp.

    “The AMS-500HD hard drive shredding truck has been reliable and provided a great return on investment. It paid for itself within eight months and added new customers to our service route. Cross selling to our existing customers added another revenue stream.”