Shredders for Secure Destruction

Regulated Medical Waste Equipment that “Makes the Cut”.

Ameri-Shred Corp.’s range of medical waste shredders and shredding systems provide safe, hands-free handling of potentially hazardous waste. Having a custom shredding solution in your medical waste stream reduces costs associated with transporting large volumes of waste and is an eco-friendly alternative to typical destruction methods such as incineration.

Standalone shredders make the cut for most operations, however, some waste producers require highly automated, turnkey solutions to keep up with mass amounts of medical waste. Ameri-Shred’s high-volume Medical Waste Shredders, when integrated with feeding and disposal equipment, provide a hands-free handling and destruction process. Ameri-Shred’s Medical Waste Shredding Systems can take care of the handling, shredding, and discharge of waste containers, PPE, disposable wears, glassware, goggles, tubing, and beyond. System designs accommodate unique operational and space needs and are made to integrate seamlessly with existing equipment.

Reduce manual handling and contact with potentially hazardous materials while keeping productivity high and workers safer. Let’s discuss the right solution for your medical waste stream. Contact or call (800) 634-8981.

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