Entry Level Mobile Shredding Truck
Mobile Shredding Truck
Entry Level Shredding Truck Equipment
Entry Level Mobile Shredding Truck Generator
Mobile Shredding Truck Electrical Panel
Entry Level Paper Shredding Truck Tipper


Entry Level Shredding Truck
Customer Provided Box Truck
$72,000 – $90,000

Entry Level Mobile Shredding Trucks include a 10 HP conveyor fed industrial paper shredder, in either a strip cut or a crosscut. A cart tipper is recommended for increased efficiency and the shredder discharges into 40-gallon bags that you can stack floor to ceiling. 

Entry Level Mobile Shredding Trucks are the most affordable shredding trucks on the market. They were designed for mobile document destruction start-ups but this economical option is used extensively throughout the recycling industry. They allow you to add on-site document destruction for a fraction of the cost of an automated truck and have wide appeal for related businesses looking to diversify. 

Entry Level Mobile Shredding Trucks lead time may be 10 – 15 weeks depending on the application details. The box truck is provided by the customer and outfitted by Ameri-Shred. The only requirement for the customer provided truck is a lift-gate so that you can lift the rolling carts into the back of the truck.