Series 3 SSD Frame Model Shredder
Series 3 Solid State Drive Shredder Air Filtration


Series 3 SSD Shredders
AMS-1500-SSD | AMS-2000-SSD

Series 3 solid-state drive shredders consist of two models from fifteen to twenty horsepower. An output conveyor is a standard inclusion but it can be substituted for an infeed conveyor on the stand models, which have a drop-down discharge. Series 3 solid-state drive shredders are slow-speed, high torque dual shaft shredders made from solid steel. They require three-phase power and are manufactured in Michigan.

Series 3 solid-state drive shredders will shred most standard SSDs, cell phones, memory cards, thumb drives, and other solid-state devices to 3/8″ wide particles. This small shred size is required to destroy all of the memory chips that solid-state products use to store data. Any batteries must be removed prior to shredding.

As data bearing devices continue to get smaller, we found that some can pass through the cutters with minimal to no damage if fed improperly. Therefore, we developed precision clearance cutterheads that ensure the destruction of M.2-SSDs and other small media. These cutterheads are available on all new HDD-SSD shredders as an upgrade. A retrofit upgrade package is also available on any model purchased after 2018. 

Series 3 solid-state drive shredder’s optional features include an air filtration system, fork pockets, hard drive counter, and viewing window. All of our Series 3 solid-state drive shredders can be stationary or placed in trucks for mobile SSD shredding. Our Data Capture System is also optional, and was designed to help electronic recyclers meet R2v3 requirements. It allows the user to photograph the drive, which identifies and captures the barcodes, and then videotape the shredding process. Each step in the data destruction and cataloging process is precisely time-stamped. The system’s flexibility allows users to decide whether to utilize the Data Capture System in full, in part, or bypass it entirely.

Series 3 HDD-SSD combo shredders are available in the same horsepower models. Click on the bold print if you want to shred rotary hard drives and solid-state drives in one shredder. 



    “The AMS-2000HD is permanently mounted in a 24′ body Freightliner. The truck was designed from the ground up to be the highest capacity and most efficient mobile hard drive shredding vehicle on the road. We have been able to shred 6000+ hard drive in less than a single day without a single problem with the shredder. It’s a workhorse.”

    Dan B. - VP/CFO, Back Through The Future