AMS-300HD-SSD Shredder
Series1 SSD Shredder Infeed


Hard Drive & SSD Combo Shredders

Series 1 HDD-SSD shredders have a dual-head cutting chamber that will shred solid-state drives on one side and rotary hard drives on the other. Each side has its own label, 5″ wide infeed slot, discharge bin, and shred width. They will shred most standard SSDs, cell phones, memory cards, circuit boards, and & thumb drives to 3/8″ wide particles. This small shred size is required to destroy all the memory chips SSDs use to store data, but all batteries must be removed prior to shredding.

Series 1 HDD-SSD shredders will shred most standard hard disk drives in addition to backup tapes, DVDs, cell phones, and assorted small e-scrap to 3/4″ or 1.5″ wide particles. Enterprise hard drives take at least twice as long to shred as standard drives, on which we base our throughput.

Series 1 HDD-SSD shredders are slow-speed, high torque dual shaft shredders that are manufactured in the U.S. They can be stationary or placed in trucks for mobile hard drive shredding. Series 1 HD-SSD shredders come with twin discharge bins, but a modular output conveyor can be added for an upcharge. We also offer conveyor prep so you can order an output conveyor separately at any time in the future. 

As data bearing devices continue to get smaller, we found that some can pass through the cutters with minimal to no damage if fed improperly. Therefore, we developed precision clearance cutterheads that ensure the destruction of M.2-SSDs and other small media. These cutterheads are available on all new Series 1 HDD-SSD shredders as an upgrade. A retrofit upgrade package is also available on any model purchased after 2018. 

Series 1 HDD-SSD shredders are available with a data capture system. It is comprised of a touchscreen display with an integral program that allows you to scan the serial number, capture a still image of it, and record an 8-second video of the drive being shred. The data capture system can be used in additional modes that allow you shred without it, scan only, scan and photograph, or run the full process.

Series 1 hard drive shredders and Series 1 SSD shredders are both available in the same horsepower models. Click on the bold print if you only want to shred rotary hard drives or only shred solid-state drives. 



    “We’ve purchased multiple shredders from Ameri-Shred over the years and their support has been great. Wouldn’t even consider another and always go back to them.”

    Erik S., Laptop Chips

    “We have Ameri-Shred hard drive shredders in all five of our operations, as well as several of our partner recyclers. We have always enjoyed our decade long working relationship.”

    “Not all shredders are created equal. Our AMS-300HD-SSD is the best! I’m so proud to own a high-quality shredder made by an outstanding company right here in the US.”

    Reesy N., Omega Ecycles